Adventure Belt; the 21st Century alternative to reins!    

There is now an alternative to traditional toddler reins, children’s harnesses & wrist straps!

The Adventure Belt links parent & child belt to belt, via an elasticated bungee.

This means for parent’s there’s handsfree peace of mind, and for kids a sense of independence.

For your convenience we have created 2 purchase options: single & twin .

Choice – Freedom – Confidence – Independence

Designed for children aged 2 – 5
Tested & sized for use up to age 8
Keeps kids safe in busy or uncertain environments
Gives parents handsfree peace of mind
Allows kids a sense of independence

Watch Rebecca Jeffrey’s review to learn more!


           Perfect in the following situations:

Walking by traffic
In crowds
Exploring outside
By water
On railway platforms
Unfamiliar situations
Shops & shopping