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” I trialled the Adventure Belt with my 5 year old spirited daughter when we went to the Hydro the see Disney Frozen on Ice.

It was really busy but I felt reassured that I could clip on the beltand she wouldn’t get lost in the crowd.

I even saw a couple of other parents checking it out!

Perfect to keep both my hands free when buying a Frozen Slushy!

She loved the purse to put all her jewellery and lip gloss in. A 5 star product!”

Alison, Kirknewton


“I trialled the Adventure Belt for one week … I didn’t want to return it!!!

I a childminder and look after children of different ages, this belt really is a must have.

The children were very content wearing their little pouch bags and the belt was very comfortable to wear.

 All in all, a great piece of equipment that was enjoyed by all!”

Lilian, Edinburgh


“Tested Adventure Belt for a week with my crazy (but lovely) child,

it really helped and he was very happy to wear it. I have my order in

for when the first stock arrives. Great Product !!”

Phil, Edinburgh


“My little boy loved testing it.

He enjoyed wearing the belt and when it was time to connect to me he didn’t object at all.

Very reassuring in public places.”

Susie, Ratho


“I was really impressed with the Adventure Belt material

and found it to be robust and of a high quality.

My daughter loved the cute panda pouch.”

Angela, Mid Calder


Both my daughter and I love the Adventure belt.

We have used it on many occasions, shopping, traveling etc.

The belt gives my little girl a sense of independence at the same time I know she is safe.

She particularly loved the pouch using it to hold her special items and her own money, making her feel very grown up.

I definitely recommend this product

and wished it had been available when both my children were younger.

Claire, Juniper Green


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