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About The Adventure Belt

The Adventure Belt provides a revolutionary new way to keep kids close and connected. Physically linking parent and child, belt to belt, the fun Adventure Belt is loved by kids and adults alike.
For kids’ it provides a fun place to store treasures whilst giving a sense of independence. For adults the system gives handsfree piece of mind. Finally it is possible to browse a shelf, watch a show or take a walk without having eyes in the back of your head!
The elasticated bungee, which links adult and child, is adjustable in length and can be completely removed if desired. Whilst the buckles on the child’s belt and bungee have a three way opening system, so the belt cannot be removed by the child.

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Mum of two and owner of More-2-Explore Lucy Bostock designed the Adventure Belt to keep children connected to parents when out shopping, out in the country, or attending large busy events.
It was a sunny day in May when creator of the Adventure Belt, Lucy Bostock, took two children to Legoland. Whilst in a crowd Lucy and 5-year-old Charlie got separated. Charlie then vanished; every parent’s worst nightmare.
10 minutes later Charlie was fortunately found but Lucy knew she never wanted to relive the experience. And so the first seed was sown. Lucy’s son was inquisitive, but how could she give him independence, safely? The answer, of course is here; meet the Adventure Belt!
The ethos of More-2-Explore has always been one of putting children first; ensuring their safety whilst maintaining a sense of independence, building self-esteem and encouraging adventure. The company strives to achieve equality between parent and child but safely… when kids are connected there really is More-2-Explore!